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By definition, a catalyst is a substance that initiates or accelerates a reaction. Catalyst applies this principle to communications, using the creative arts to initiate and accelerate impact and response for global issues and concerns, as well as for humanitarian and advocacy organizations, community and housing development groups, medical facilities, corporations and other businesses.

        Catalyst Collaborative, LLC.
Collaborations that Matter

Catalyst Collaborative helps organizations multiply their messages and effectiveness through creative and strategic communication of their products, services and missions. Catalyst offers comprehensive creative communications initiatives, from the development of marketing strategies to the implementation of all aspects of creative communications, including Web design; brochure, annual report and newsletter development; video promotions and documentary length productions; copywriting; photography; consulting and creative brainstorming.

        Catalyst Studios, Inc.
Telling the Stories Behind the Statistics

Established in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Catalyst Studios advances social justice and humanitarian work by bringing people face to face with unrecognized realities. Communicating through diverse mediums and outlets, the Studio tells stories of both hope and despair: stories that reveal the effects of injustice, oppression and apathy, and stories that reveal the hope and compassion that changes situations and lives. Once encountered, these realities inspire awareness and involvement, and multiply the advocacy, resources and response for the people and places that need it most.


        Catalyst Photography
Image based awareness

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Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership

Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership Web site redesign

Founded by Discovery Communications, Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership is a charitable organization dedicated to using the power of television to improve lives in underserved areas around the world. Comprehensive Web site redesign included enhanced site navigation and content, video and photo optimization, and the introduction of a flash-based portal for presentation of the Partnership’s work around the world.



Access Project

A presentation created for Rob Glaser, CEO of RealPlayer and founder of Glaser Progress Foundation. The presentation was created to demonstrate the work and impact of the Access Project, a Columbia University based non-profit working closely with the government of Rwanda to improve access to health care. Assignment included on location video and photographic documentation, research, presentation design and development, writing and compilation.



Photo Story-Samson

Living in Rwanda with limited access to health care, Samson developed a life threatening condition that could have been avoided with a few cents worth of penicillin.

Photography: Ian Christmann

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Bridgeport Housing Authority
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CommCap Annual Report
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